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About Us

Our Story

We are a group of dedicated financial advisors who find just as much joy - perhaps even a little more - in building personal relationships with our clients as we do in helping them achieve their financial goals, whether that be through helping a small business save thousands through smart tax-structuring, or helping an individual navigate the complicated world of personal finance.

Our Vision

Handling your finances is more than just understanding your assets. For us, it also means understanding you, your goals, and the story that led you to us. We want to know your passion, so we can show you ours: helping you become financially sound enough to realize your dreams.

Our Promise

We work hard every day to make our relationships about more than business. That means no one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we recognize that every business, from small operations to those with hundreds of employees, is unique. Helping you reach your individual vision is just as important to us as helping you achieve financial confidence. In fact, we believe they are one in the same.

About Us



BK 1.jpg



Blake's leads this pack with a lively energy.  His compassion for people drives his passion for finances.  Blake wants to see you  win!

FUN FACT: Blake is an former Air Force Academy football player and a legit jujitsu fighter.




Candace doesn't miss a beat when it comes to keeping your time.  She's a sports enthusiast that uses her energy to 

keep you paid!

FUN FACT: "I'm a world renowned beat boxer."

SF 3.jpg



She’s a stickler for the details so we keep her working hard behind the scenes on your payroll and bookkeeping needs.

FUN FACT: Who Knew: She’s majored in English and Film Theory and is a sucker for gangster films and the mafia. 

DJ 2.jpg



David is the giver of useful information! Just know your taxes are prepared thoroughly and resourcefully!

FUN FACT: While in college, David was pitcher at Oklahoma Christian University.  And currently he's hot stuff on the Disc Golf field!

BR 1.jpg



Blake (or girl Blake as we call her in office) reconciles your accounts while keeping our office cheerful and bubbly!  Some call her the glue of the office :)

FUN FACT: "My thumbs are double jointed."




Financial Advisory

By building personal relationships, we provide financial advise and services that help our clients navigate fluid and sometimes evolving day-to-day operations. You never know what new challenge may lie ahead.


As any business owner knows, payroll processing can be complicated and labor-intensive. Thankfully, it's something we can do for you, and we do it well. We specialize in making that part of running your business as easy as possible.

What We Offer


Just like the work we do with businesses large and small, personalizing the tax needs for individuals is a necessity for us. We want to help you find the plan and goals that suit your life the best. 

Business & Entrepreneurs

We specialize in the setup and tax structuring of start-ups and small businesses. And recognizing that no two are the same, we strive to tailor each tax structure to your individual needs.  


Having exceptional bookkeeping can make managing everything from your employees to your overall finances much simpler, as well as create opportunities for more financial growth. We'll provide you with the kind of bookkeeping that allows you to measure your future success, as well as your current.



Financial Knowledge

We are a new breed of accounting firm that wants to be your friend.  The B. A. Kerr team is focused on counting the things that matter most to you.  

“99% of all statistics only tell 49% of the story.” 

-Ron Delegge II, Gents with No Cents 

That’s why we are committed to looking past the numbers to the people that drive them so we can learn what makes up the other 51% of your story.  Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to do great things is our bread and butter! 

We are a family 

At B.A. Kerr, we are a family, and that includes you. Our clients and their financial growth and success are just as important to us as the work we do on their behalf. And they can rest assured that we are just as invested in their success as we are our own.

Why Us



Our Address

933 E Britton Rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

Our Phone No.

Phone: 405.509.6030

Fax: 405.509.6220

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